Here’s a typical scenario. You’ve lined up a designer for your company’s newsletter, brochure, menu, web site, product descriptions, blog posts, mass emails, flyers, and/or other customer communications.  Even better, you’re delighted with the look and feel of your brand.

Now, however, you find yourself in a dilemma.  Who, exactly, will write all the content you need to deliver?

Here’s another scenario. Writing comes easily to you, and you can knock out a plethora of customer communications without too much effort  However, you need a second pair of eyes to review your writing to ensure your messaging, sentence structure, and punctuation are clear and correct.  Who, exactly, will copy edit your work?

At Persuasive Writing, I offer a range of content writing and copy editing services that will ensure the writing you submit is a positive reinforcement of the brand, corporate culture, and values you wish to communicate.

If you would like to put the power of Persuasive Writing to work for you, please take the first step by completing the following form with details of your project.  Let’s get started!